Kömin kilta - The Kömi Guild - and the local heritage museum of Konginkangas



Kömi is the old name of the Konginkangas Parish. The term Guild refers to a medieval community of artisans or merchants who oversee the practice of their craft or trade in their area. 

The local heritage association Kömin kilta, the Kömi Guild, was founded in 1948 as a cultural community of the residents, summer residents and former residents of Konginkangas. The association is responsible for the collections and activities of the local Konginkangas museum although the museum is nowadays owned by the Äänekoski town. The association has about 100 members.  

       The Kömi Guild 

  • raises awareness of local traditions and living
  • documents and publishes traditions of all of the six villages of Konginkangas 
  • brings in historical insights and gives input on local events
  • collaborates with regional and professional museum organisations and
  • maintains and develops the local museum in Konginkangas. 


an active group 

Kömin Kilta is a small but very active group of people interested in local history and heritage. The actions and the work done to collect and protect local history is appreciated. The association has e.g. got "The Äänekoski Cultural Prize 2014" and was named "The Actor of the Year 2016" in Konginkangas. Kömin Kilta was also one of the four nominees for the Prize of Central Finland in 2016.  


Konginkangas Heritage Museum 

The local history museum is open in summer. There is a permanent exhibition and a changing summer exhibition. In 2020 the summer exhibition tells stories of the people who have moved from Konginkangas to live abroad. 

Address Kirkkotie 2, 44400 Konginkangas. 

Contact Marjatta Huhta, tel. +358 50 5973257, marjatta.huhta(at)outlook.com  



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