The Kömi Guild and the local museum of Konginkangas



Kömi used to be the name of the Konginkangas Parish. The term Guild refers to a medieval community built for mutual help and social service. The local museum association Kömin kilta, the Kömi Guild, was founded in 1948 as a cultural community of former and current residents and summer residents of Konginkangas. The association started the collections and the activities of the local museum. The association still runs the museum although the museum itself is owned by the Äänekoski town.  

       The Kömi Guild 

  • raises awareness of local traditions and living
  • documents and publishes traditions of all of the six villages of Konginkangas 
  • brings in historical insights and gives input on local events
  • collaborates with regional and professional museum organisations and
  • maintains and develops the local museum of Konginkangas. 


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