Konginkangas is a rural area and a village situated in Central Finland in the Finnish Lakeland. It is part of Äänekoski town. Konginkangas is the gate to a scenic rural road Vihreä väylä - Green Route running from Konginkangas through Sumiainen and Laukaa into Jyväskylä. 

The two most important life lines of the area are the Highway E75 (Finnish National Road 4 a.k.a. Nelostie) from Helsinki to Lapland, and the water route of the Lake Keitele, the 'Regional Lake of Central Finland', 9th largest lake in Finland and part of the great Päijänne water route. 

Active cooperation 

Konginkangas was chosen the Village of the Year 2011 in Central Finland. The active cooperation of the six villages of the area through the common Village Association of Konginkangas, the actions towards developing the whole area, the positive lift of the spirit of the community and the increase in positive publicity lead to the nomination. See pdf Konginkangas Village Association in English (two pages).

The main event in Konginkangas is the village festival 'Konginkangas Summer Days'. It is organised every year one week after the Midsummer and connects the villagers, the former villagers and the summer residents of Konginkangas - and quite a lot of the neighbours, too!  

The Project Tree made in 2014 is a visual display of where the Village Association of Konginkangas has had an active role and where our first village action plan (2009) has led us. After that there has already been several new projects. Konginkangas looks ahead and acts. 


Kalaniemi Räihä Konginkangas Riihilahti Liimattala Laajaranta Map of Konginkangas




To Helsinki, the capital of Finland, 335km, about 4h 30min.

To Jyväskylä, the capital of Central Finland, 65km, about 50min.

To Rovaniemi in Lapland, 500km, 5h 40min.


Nearest airport Tikkakoski, Jyväskylä (58km, ca. 35min)

Nearest railway station Jyväskylä (65km, 1h)

Nearest bus station Äänekoski (24km), bus stop in Konginkangas

Nearest passenger harbour Matilanvirta (7km), Suolahti (34km)

Nearest excursion harbour at the centre of Konginkangas.

(Distances measured from the centre of Konginkangas.)

Residents and villages of Konginkangas

There are 1350 residents living permanently in the area of Konginkangas (2017). The central village has some 450 inhabitants. 15 % of the residents are under 15 years of age, 9 % are between 15 and 24 years, 48 % between 25 and 64 years and 28 % over 64 years of age. 

In addition, there are over 800 holiday houses in the area which makes about 1600 hundred holiday and part-time residents. In summer the number of villagers doubles as the holiday dwellers arrive to Konginkangas.

Although Konginkangas is clearly rural there is little traditional farming. Most people get their livelihood from working elsewhere.

The area of Konginkangas has six villages:

Konginkangas: The old municipal service centre with basic services.

Liimattala: A village with open fields and a colourful history.

Laajaranta: A growing village popular with young families.

Kalaniemi: A traditional village living close to nature.

Räihä: A highway village with caravans and trucks. 

Riihilahti: About 10 permanent homes but 150 holiday houses!


Accommodation in Konginkangas


Hiekkala Farm

B&B for max. 10 persons in the upstair rooms near the Highway A4. Sauna, swimming pool, and home museum. 

Address: Riihitie 94, 44420 Liimattala

Tel. +358 (0)40 5867420

matti.hytonen at pp1.inet.fi


Holiday cottages rented by Lomarengas 

SF Caravan site in Lintulahti by the Highway E75 is good and active caravan area all year round, but for caravans only - no tents allowed. 

Address: Lintulantie 5, 44440 Räihä 

Tel. +358 (0)40 7485377

Email lintulahti at pp.inet.fi

Koordinates WGS84 N 62 49' 19" ja E 025 48' 08"


Summer accommodation: Rental cottages and a camping site with huts in the nearby Sumiainen village


Some History of Konginkangas

Konginkangas was an independent municipality from 1895 till 1993. The industrial Äänekoski town was joined by Konginkangas in 1993. Today's Konginkangas has a strong identity of its own within the municipality of Äänekoski.

Konginkangas has always been active. The beautiful Scandinavian wooden Lutheran church built in 1866 by the villagers is the symbol of Konginkangas. It is one of the last churches in Finland built without an architect. In summmer weekdays the door is open to the visitors and there is a guide in the church. In the bell tower at the back of the church there is a small self-service summer cafe collecting funds for missionary work. Opposite the church there is a small local museum, open in summer.

The first grammar school in Central Finland was founded in Konginkangas in 1867 by the villagers. There are three historical layers of schools by the church, all situated around the same school yard. The oldest and smallest school building now acts as a youth centre, the second oldest building houses the kindergarden, and the newest school house is a well functioning primary school.

The whole area around the church is a regional architectural heritage site.


Local history museum in Konginkangas

There is a local history museum next to the church of Konginkangas. The museum is owned by the Äänekoski town and run by the local voluntary association Kömin Kilta, The Kömi Guild. The small but interesting museum shows history of Konginkangas, mainly farming history, and organizes themed exhibitions each summer. Open in summer only. 

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